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Don’t make impressions. Drive conversions.

If you’re looking to connect with real recruiting and HR leaders who actually influence – and purchase – talent tools and technologies, then we’re happy you found us.We’re Recruiting Daily, and our network of highly engaged, highly targeted members represent in-house, agency and independent recruiting and HR practitioners across all levels, functions and markets.

With over 30,000 pieces of content from over 10,000 contributors, our 100% organic community serves as the top destination for content and conversation for staffing, recruiting and HR shop talk in the world.

Our members choose RecruitingBlogs because they trust us to deliver only the best content, advice, insights and expertise designed with the talent professional in mind.

It’s that trust that means we have to be very selective about our partners – and our team of experienced sourcing and recruiting editors extensively review every product or service we choose to market to our members to make sure it delivers as promised – and delivers real value to real recruiters.

If you think you’re for real, here are some of the ways your company can partner with RecruitingBlogs on lead generation and brand awareness initiatives:

  • Exclusive Webinars: featuring branded content, industry leading speakers, extensive e-mail and social promotion and a polished final product built with your messaging in mind – conveniently packaged with industry cred.
  • Custom Campaigns: built for brand awareness and optimized for conversion, we work with our partners to serve up fresh content directly to our members’ inboxes. Whether you’re looking to speak to the whole RecruitingBlogs’ community or create targeted content for a specific industry, professional level or specialty, or even a geographic location, we’ll make sure your call to action gets heard.
  • Display Advertising: Convert qualified clicks by delivering the right messaging to the right audience with display advertising that actually makes an impression. Build your brand on one or all of our destinations for a low flat rate – no bidding or budget setting required. ROI delivered.
  • Event & Community Management: Even though our community exists mostly online, we keep it real IRL, too. RecruitingBlogs will work with your conference or event to drive ticket sales, increase social media buzz, and extend your event by creating sticky conversations and content.
  • Content & Marketing Services: We’ll extend your marketing department – and optimize your outcomes – by partnering directly with your team to create original content, collateral and copy. From white papers to newsletters, e-books to blog posts and everything in between, we offer world class marketing solutions to best-in-class clients.

Sound good? Let’s talk.